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World of Wonder Carousel Collection

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Whether your Sim is recapturing their childhood memories or making brand new ones, the World of Wonder Carousel Collection will delight and entertain! This lavish assortment of festival items is certain to spark your imagination!

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  • World of Wonder Carousel

    Round and round we go! Where we stop nobody knows! Embrace all the great parts of your Chi...

  • /productDetail.html?productId=OFB-SIM3:72699
  • World of Wonder Popcorn Machine and Cotton Candy Maker

    There are few things that are as sweet as spending time with family and friends. Coming in ...

  • /productDetail.html?productId=OFB-SIM3:72700
  • Whack-A-Set!

    Step right up and test your strength, speed and your overall wackiness with the exciting new...


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