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Day in the Country Dress

Enjoy the pleasures of a simpler time with the Country Livin' set! Show off your Sims' country sensibilities and DIY spirit with the included furniture and clothing! Marvel at the wonders of living on a farm with...

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The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft

So some of us are going to hang out in the loft and write some poetry. You could come along. Or not. It doesn’t really matter. We just thought that since it’s a pretty cool industrial loft,...

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Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts

Did you hear the old joke about the two swans that walk into a dance bar? No? That's ok, it's not very funny. But if you're looking for real entertainment and creative...

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Futureshock Living

Brilliant, clean, and expertly designed by Sims from the future. Bring a new age of living room comfort to your Sims home.

Haute Hip Sofa

With its chic design and striking quilted cushion back, this sofa is so unique, your guests will want to sit on it as soon as they see it.