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Indulgent Living

Does your Sim dream of nothing but elegance? Indulge in your Sim’s desires to live like the French of old with this classic set! View Item>

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Alvar Vintage Famous Food Processor

It still chops and dices, but will it blend? Of course! Just because it's an antique doesn't mean it's broken. This is an Alvar model after all.

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Faire Folk Furnishings + Attire

Never before within the reach of mere mortals, Faire Folk Life allows you to dress yourself and your home magically.

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Mid-Century Fantasy

Ever fantasize you were stuck in the 1950s? Ever wanted to give your Sims the same experience? Well with this fantastic new set you can!

Strictly Business Womens Suit

Are you tired of the casual nature of dress in the business world today? Do you prefer fitted suits, crisp collars and neat pocket squares for men? What about pretty pearls, sophisticated...