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Kingdom of Cambodia Bathroom- Walk the Path Rug

The artistic influences of Angkor will wash over your Sims like the Bou Sra Waterfall, and wake up their appreciation for the rich culture and traditions of the ancient Khmer Empire. With the Kingdom of Cambodia Bathroom...

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Steampunk Kitchen- Pre-Steam Aquarium Tank

Like the gears of a magnificent machine, the polished metal and gilded gumption of the Steampunk kitchen interlock flawlessly to make your meal preparation feel like an adventure that's...

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Bellies of the Cow Plant Beast Arcade Machine

All the thrills of an intestinally intense arcade game wrapped in the perceived threat of fauna consumption, make the Bellies of the Cow Plant Beast a MOO-arvelous gaming experience! Explore...

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Palace of Versailles

Allow your Sims to step into the past with these Rococo styled furnishings and outfits! Whether you're building a palace for a king or just trying to add a little something to your...

Vineyard Vittles Shelf

Bring home your vittles and display them proudly on this hand crafted shelf.