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Show Stopping Style- Tie-cklace Jacket

All the world's a stage, and you'll never feel out of the spotlight when you look like a star! Step on stage and let the show begin with any of the pieces from our scorching and sizzling Show Stopping Style Colle...

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Lit Floral Lamp

Bring some mysterical light into your Sims life with these lighted flowers. Astonishing attention to detail might cause someone to almost suspect they were real plants!

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Food Sample Sculpture

Create the perfect Japanese restaurant or dining room and put some pizazz into dinner! Impress your guests with the Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill and give your dining room a refresh with...

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Palm Light

The perfect ceiling fan to create a tropical breeze indoors. The palm leaves create a gentle air current, while the relaxation bulb enhances your tropical mood.

Ruffled Romper

Create a nursery for the ages! Dress your little one in brand new outfits and decorate your nursery with furniture made for the discerning baby. The included Gift of Speech Baby Monitor will...