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Tiki Dining Room Set

Redecorate your dining room with these creatively carved items that can turn any boring room into a tropical party and Polynesian paradise! View Item>

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Hidden Treasures Dining Table

Eclectic furniture for the wayward traveler! Let your Sims' dreams of wanderlust come to life at home with these pieces that are sure to inspire even the most dedicated nomad to settle...

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Aunt Angela's Cast Iron Cookery

Aunt Angela is known for her fine taste in cast iron cookery and now she is opening up her own private line of skillets! These won't help you cook better, but they will make your rustic...

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The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire

Good Morrow! Why spend your days toiling away at a profession when you can while the day away at the Faire! Eat, play, and relax in the sunshine at this epic outdoor venue. Make the...

Leisure Reaction Chair

You might just be reading a book or even taking a quick rest, but once you settle into the cushions of the Leisure Reaction Chair you'll be taken to a whole new level of comfort....