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Sky High Roller Coaster Cart

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Roller Coaster

Mix and match the track pieces for the Sky High Roller Coaster to create the ride of a lifetime!

  • INFO
  • Soar to new heights, excitement, and thrills with nine track pieces and four support columns in the Sky High Roller Coaster!
  • Splash down Dead Man’s Drop and wind through the Geyser Run!
  • Add a Hulking Hump, a Loop, and a daring Jump on a piece of Broken Track over a body of water that may be holding a surprise.
  • Customize your coaster with themes! The magical Wonder theme to delight Sims of all ages, a spooky Haunted theme full of fire and smoke, and a Thriller theme to really get your Sim’s heart pumping!
  • Sims with a Strong Stomach will ride with ease where Cowardly Sims may feel the roller coaster is a bit Too Scary and lose their lunch.
Haunted Ride
Thrill Ride
Wonder Ride
Too Scary!
  • Ride Roller Coaster
  • Ride Roller Coaster With…
  • Test for Valid Track
  • Set Theme
    • This Piece…
      • Haunted
      • Thriller
      • Wonder
    • This Track…
      • Haunted
      • Thriller
      • Wonder

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Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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