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Grandpa's Grove Tractor

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Tired of watering, fertilizing and harvesting all of your plants and trees by hand? Lay down a dirt road near your crops and put the tractor to work! Then, after a hard day of farming, why don't you give the kiddos a fun hay ride!

  • INFO
  • Increase your gardening skill by planting your crops and using Grandpa’s Grove Tractor to water, fertilize, de-weed and harvest!
  • Customize the layout of your grove with varied dirt road pieces to park and drive the Tractor.
  • Create a full-size orchard, then harvest your crops up to the tractor’s capacity for a quick and efficient harvest.
  • A hay ride is a favorite with Sims from Toddlers to Elders! Young Sims can shout “Hay Now!” and request a ride from a nearby Sim.
Hay Now!

  • Give Hay Ride To…
  • Ask For Hay Ride From…
  • Fertilize Crops
  • Harvest Crops
  • Water Crops
  • Test For Valid Track

Tractor Dirt Road T

  • Change Direction


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New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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    Every Sim should be able to experience the joy of spending some time at Grandpa's Grove. With tractor hayrides, orange trees, crop farming, and new fall clothing, it is a playland for Sims both young and old.