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The Titanic Toy Machine

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Toy Making Machine

The Titanic Toy Machine was designed and built by a group of vagabond gnomes. They have since disappeared without a trace and no one knows exactly how the machine works, so thank heaven for clearly labeled buttons. Regardless, if you are looking for amazing toys for all ages, then fire it up and watch the magic happen. Just don't be surprised if those gnomes threw in a few kinks.

  • INFO
  • Create a dozen different toys and then watch as the gears turn, sparks fly and lights flash while it is built just for you with the Titanic Toy Machine!
  • Select your toy of choice or give yourself a surprise and create a toy at random!
  • Help your future star gain their Drum Skill early on in life as a child or toddler so they are ahead of their peers when they enter their teenage years.
  • Kites are fun for Children and Adults alike! Just be wary of the dangers of lightning as you may become Thunderstruck!
  • Build an all new Play Mat to place your Sim’s baby! They will stay happy and entertained for hours on end.
Happy Clown
Scary Clown
What is that Racket?!

Toy Machine

  • Make
    • Make Random Toy
    • Make Baby Bricks-A-Lot
    • Make Racecar
    • Make Drum
    • Make Clown-in-a-Box
    • Make Kite
    • Make Baby Play Mat
    • Make Robot
    • Make Train
    • Make Balloon Animal
    • Make Dollhouse
    • Make Teddy Bear
    • Make Table Blocks
  • Play with
    • Baby Bricks-A-Lot
    • Zoom Faster Remote Racer
    • Bang It Kids Drum
    • Clown-in-a-Box
    • Kite
    • Remote Control Robot Uprising V1.0
    • Highly Engineered Train
    • Fashion Fortress Dollhouse
    • Just Right Bear
    • Block n’ Roll Table Blocks
  • View
    • Balloon
    • Misfit Monstrosity
  • Place Baby In Play Mat


  • Sort by Room->Study->Hobbies & Skills
  • Sort by Room->Kids’ Room-> Toys
  • Sort by Function->Electronics->Misc. Electronics
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Hobbies & Skills
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Misc. Entertainment
  • Sort by Function->Kids->Toys
  • Sort by Function->Kids->Misc. Kids

New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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