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Archer's Gauntlet

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Archery Range

What is better than shooting a simple target with a bow and arrow? The obvious answer is to add swinging blades and a dummy with an apple on its head! This high-tech archery contraption (by medieval standards) even includes a torch to set fire to your arrows! So pull back the bow strings, let the arrows fly, and see if you can beat the high scores on the range!

  • INFO
  • Boost your Sim’s athleticism with the Archer’s Gauntlet in four separate challenges!
  • Warm up with Basic Shots, test your reflexes with Quick Shot, launch a fiery arrow with Challenge Shot, or shoot the apple with an Extreme Shot.
  • Challenge the Board and post your High Score for other Sims to beat!
  • Review the Scoreboard to see the current top archers for each challenge.
Eagle Eye
  • Practice Archery
    • Basic Shot
    • Quick Shot
    • Challenge shot
    • Extreme shot
  • Challenge The Board
    • Basic Shot
    • Quick Shot
    • Challenge Shot
    • Extreme Shot
  • Check High Scores
  • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Outdoor Activities
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Miscellaneous Entertainment

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Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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