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Fit as a Fiddle Violin


Need a break from guitars? Take a crack at the Fit as a Fiddle Violin and add some variety to your musical repertoire! Serenade that special someone, play for tips to earn a few extra Simoleons, or choose a variety of compositions including those that harken back to a simpler age.

  • INFO
  • Level up the all new Violin Skill!
  • Practice your skills by playing a Traditional tune or perhaps a timeless Medieval piece.
  • Perform a full Composition by choosing through a catalog of five Traditional songs or jump back in time with a few Medieval fiddle classics.
  • Serenade that special Sim in your life with a romantic song.
  • Earn a few extra Simoleons by Playing for Tips!
Enjoying Music
  • Play
    • Play Traditional
    • Play Medieval
  • Perform Composition
    • Play Composition
      • Amber Rose
      • The Duck Ascending
      • Plumbob Bob
      • Stairway to Dragon Valley
      • Don't Wall Me In
  • Play Medieval Composition
    • Jester’s Last Dance
    • The Tenth Ballad of Henry the Ninth
    • Armored Armour
  • Serenade Sim
  • Play For Tips

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Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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