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Large as Life Movie Screen

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Movie Screen

Watch all of your favorite TV movies come to life on the big screen! Enjoy the classics in a whole new way! Whether you're watching with your friends in your home theater or with strangers in the real theater, the experience is sure to be unique!

  • INFO
  • Experience your favorite movies like never before on the silver screen! Create an epic home theater experience or a unique movie theater venue for your Sims!
  • Gain the nerve to make the move on that special someone by watching a Romantic Comedy!
  • Get rearing to train by watching an Action Adventure film!
  • Everyone thinks they are a comedian after watching a Comedy!
  • Enjoy a good nail-biter (…or just freak out) by watching a Horror film!
  • Share a moment with another Sim after watching an emotional Drama!
Adrenaline High
Feeling Frisky
Funny Stuff!
Afraid..Very Afraid
Tear Jerker
  • Watch Movie…
    • Action Adventure
    • Romantic Comedy
    • Comedy
    • Horror
    • Drama
  • Join
  • Change Volume
    • Mute
    • Unmute
    • Low
    • High
  • Sort by Room->Living Room->TVs
  • Sort by Function->Electronics->TVs

New Animations: No
Useable by:
Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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