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Barrier to Entry System

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Lock System

This turnstile, upgraded door, and ticket machine combination gives you the flexibility to create your ideal Barrier to Entry! Have you been wanting to create a business that requires tickets or a boys-only hide-out? How about a womens spa getaway or a Teen Werewolf party? If so, then look no further - this is your ticket!

  • INFO
  • Allow only the Sims you want into your exclusive events or venues with the new Allow Only lock type.
  • Keep the party crashers out with the new Exclude lock type.
  • Have more control than ever before with new conjunctive locks:

    • To setup your perfect Bachelorette Party, you can Allow Only Females that are also Young Adult and Older.
    • To get the party a little wild, you could Also Allow Males that are also Werewolves.
    • Don’t want a Zombie attack to ruin your special night? Set an Exclude Zombie lock.
    • With four conjunctive lock slots available, you can create any number of possible setups. Create the perfect night club, daycare or man-cave!
  • You can also use the new V7 Ticket Machine in conjunction with the Barrier to Entry doors and turnstiles to create your very own movie theater, boardwalk, or VIP attraction!
  • Barrier to Entry Door and Turnstiles:
    • Set Locks
    • Allow Only
    • Exclude
    • Remove All Locks
    • Also includes existing Base Game and Expansion Pack door functionality
  • V7 Ticket Machine:
    • Buy Tickets

Full Barrier to Entry Lock List:
  • Current Sim
  • Current Household
  • Sims with ticket…
    • Blue Ticket Holders
    • Red Ticket Holders
    • Yellow Ticket Holders
    • Green Ticket Holders
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Older Than….
      • Children and Older
      • Teens and Older
      • Young Adults and Older
      • Adults and Older
      • Elders
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Younger Than…
      • Toddlers
      • Children and Younger
      • Teens and Younger
      • Young Adults and Younger
      • Adults and Younger
  • Sims who are Age…
    • Only Exact Age...
      • Toddlers
      • Children
      • Teens
      • Young Adults
      • Adults
      • Elders
  • Celebrity Level… (Requires Sims 3: Late Night)
    • Celebrity Level 1
    • Celebrity Level 2
    • Celebrity Level 3
    • Celebrity Level 4
    • Celebrity Level 5
  • Special… (Requires Various Expansion Packs)
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Aliens
    • Zombies
    • Humans
    • Mummy
    • SimBot
    • Vampire
    • Imaginary Friend
    • Genie
    • Werewolf
    • Fairy
    • Witch
    • Plant Sims
  • Sims with Gender…
    • Females
    • Males
  • Exclude Everyone

  • Barrier to Entry Turnstile for Walls:
    • Build Mode->Doors
  • Barrier to Entry Door:
    • Build Mode->Doors
  • Barrier to Entry Turnstile for Gates:
    • Build Mode->Gates
  • V7 Ticket Machine:
    • Sort by Room->Study->Indoor Activities
    • Sort by Room->Outdoors->Outdoor Activities
    • Sort by Function->Electronics->Miscellaneous Electronics

New Animations:
  • Barrier to Entry Door and Turnstiles: No
  • V7 Ticket Machine: Yes
Useable by:
Toddler, Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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