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Local Motion Toddler Walker

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Toddler Walker

Find your feet and toddle no more with the Local Motion Toddler Walker! Using this walker, even the most stubborn children can learn to walk! No parental encouragement needed! Just place your child into the walker, and watch them go!

  • INFO
  • Place your toddler in this walker and watch him go!
  • Ambitious toddlers can teach themselves to walk with this walker! Unambitious toddlers can just play with the toys on the front tray! Either way, your toddler is bound to enjoy himself!
  • Toddlers who can’t walk on their own yet can try out their legs in this walker while they learn to walk for real!
  • Toddlers love the Local Motion Toddler Walker! Watch as your toddler’s motives magically fill as they get a step up on their playmates!
Proud Parent
  • Put <SimName> in Walker
  • Pick Up <SimName>
  • Play
  • Learn to Walk
  • Go Here


  • Sort by Room->Kids’ Room->Furniture
  • Sort by Room->Kids’ Room->Toys
  • Sort by Room->Study->Hobbies & Skills
  • Sort by Function->Kids->Furniture
  • Sort by Function->Kids->Toys
  • Sort by Function->Entertainment->Hobbies & Skills

New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Toddler, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Sale ends: 10/12/16
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