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Gift of Speech Baby Monitor

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Baby Monitor

If a baby cries alone in a room, does anyone hear him? Well, with the Gift of Speech Baby Monitors placed throughout your home, everyone will hear him! Go about your daily business and you'll know the moment your child becomes unhappy. And, with its state of the art sensors, there won't be any more guessing what your child wants! With this monitor, you'll know exactly what he's miffed about this time.

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  • Place baby monitors around your house so you’ll always know when your baby needs you!
  • As a baby or toddler, you can finally communicate your wants and needs to your family and friends!  If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge, tell your parents that you want to learn to talk or walk RIGHT NOW!  If you’ve had an accident or it’s past dinner time, let everyone know how you feel!
  • If Play with Me is answered by another toddler, the two toddlers will play patty cake together!
  • Change Me
  • Feed Me
  • Turn On
  • Turn Off
  • Rock with Me
  • Play with Me
  • Talk with Me
  • Walk with Me

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