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Wood Fire Oven

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Is that the aroma of fresh baked bread cooking on an open flame? Nothing says culinary masterpiece like food freshly baked on a paddle with fire! Find your inner Mamma Mia while cooking an exciting variety of new recipes! Whether your Sims is cooking hand rolled breads, baking lasagnas like mom used to make, or achieving that perfect Pisano pizza toss, the Wood Fire Oven is your Sims answer to culinary delights!

  • INFO
  • Bring Italy to your backyard or kitchen while raising your cooking skill with the rustic Wood Fire Oven!
  • Bake a variety of new recipes including:

    • Three types of pizza
    • New calzones recipes, including the early morning breakfast calzoneA variety of new lasagnas, including special vegetarian recipes
    • An assortment of artisan breads
  • Trick a vampire with some garlicky grub (new Garlic Allergy moodlet), or treat a Werewolf to a meaty meal (new Calzone Carnivore moodlet)!
Calzone Carnivore
Freshly Baked
Garlic Allergy
Mamma Mia
Ummm Meaty
  • Serve…
    • Country Bread
    • Breakfast Calzone
    • Cheesy Bread
    • Country Bread
    • Garlic Bread
    • Forever alone Calzone
    • Meat Mania Calzone
    • Wood Fired Lasagna
    • Herbivore Delight Lasagna
    • Lasagna Sopresa
    • Extra Cheesy Pizza
    • Combination Pizza Margherita
    • Pepperoni Pizza
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