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Infinite Zen Massage Table

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Massage Table

Feeling overworked? Sore and tired? Or just wanting to get loosened up so you can spend a few more hours at the gym? Then the Infinite Zen Massage Table is the perfect way to find Nirvana. Your Sims will be on pins and needles during Acupuncture, they will feel the heat with a Hot Stone Massage, or they may get steamy with a Romantic Massage - the choice is yours!

  • INFO
  • Bring a piece of the Day Spa home with you!  Build your Sim’s Career at the Spa, fulfill Spa wishes and make some Simoleons by giving massages at home!

  • Have your Sim Build Fun, Energy, Social, and Relationships by Giving or Getting a number of different types of massages!

    • A Swedish massage will give your Sim the new “Relaxed” moodlet!
    • Your Sim can “Find Nirvana” with the new moodlet exclusively given with Acupuncture.
    • Feel the heat with a Hot Stone massage that gives your Sim the new “Pebble Prepped” moodlet.
    • Deep Tissue massages also give the “Loose and Limber” buff that counters Soreness and Fatigue and lets your Sim work out longer.
    • Bring more passion into your Sims relationship with a Romantic massage.
    • There is even a higher chance they will have twins or triplets with the “High Fertility” moodlet!
Loose and Limber
Pebble Prepped
Hot Stones!
High Fertility
Finding Nirvana
Pinched Nerve
  • Give Massage
    • Deep tissue
    • Hot Stone
    • Swedish
    • Romantic
    • Acupuncture
  • Get Massage
    • Deep Tissue
    • Hot Stone
    • Swedish
    • Romantic
    • Acupuncture


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New Animations: Yes

Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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