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The Not So Routine Machine

Not So Routine Machine

Is your same old morning routine getting you down? Are you tired of getting to work hungry, smelly and grouchy? Do you hate being late everywhere you go? Well... get ready to shake up your wake up with our patent pending, ultra combining, super teleporting, technological wonder! Eat, shower and do your business, then teleport to exactly where you need to less than half the time! Roll out of bed and into technology when you pick up the Not So Routine Machine today!

  • INFO
  • Does your Sim have a hard time getting a good routine going in the morning?  Are they always running out the door to work without breakfast or heading to the gym with low Hygiene?  The Not So Routine Machine gets your Sim on their way as efficiently as possible!
  • The Not So Routine Machine feeds your Sim, cleans up the dishes, tops off your Sims Bladder bar, showers them and teleports them off to work, the gym or shopping all in half the time of a normal schedule!
  • Helps your Sim get to work early having a noticeable impact on your career!
  • Upgrade your Not So Routine Machine to be Unbreakable, give it stereo speakers to improve Fun, or make it so it’ll teleport you anywhere!
  • Is your Sim too tired for work?  Explore a whole new world of the Dreamscape with an exciting text adventure!
 Failed at VR
 Virtually Empowered
 Virtually Victorious!
     Get Ready and Go To Work
     Get Ready and Go To Gym
     Get Ready and Go To Shop
     Get Ready and Go To Business or Venue
     Teleport Here
     Upgrade: Teleport Anywhere
     Upgrade: Add Speakers
     Upgrade: Unbreakable
     Sort by Function -> Plumbing -> Toilets
     Sort by Function -> Plumbing -> Miscellaneous Plumbing
     Sort by Room -> Bathroom -> Toilets
     Sort by Room -> Bathroom -> Showers
     Sort by Room -> Outdoors -> Transportation
New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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