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Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper

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Sleep Pod

Bubble bars and power lunches are so last year; the new thing is napping with style! Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper has been specially designed to cater to the power napper. With a superior sound system that lets soft sounds gently relax your Sim’s whole body by emitting low-frequency vibration that induces their mind to drift through different stages of relaxation, the Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper lets your Sim experience a high level of rest and relaxation in a relatively short time. Spoil your Sim today with this all new Super Sleeper, brought to you by your friends at Sharper Sim!

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In this fast-paced world, who has time to sleep?  The Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper is the answer to all your time-consuming problems.  Get all the sleep you need in half the time!  Thanks to the Multi-REM Processors, your Sims will be in dream land before you can go to 2x speed!
Well Rested
Had a Nice Nap
 Super Sleep, Super Nap, Select Sleepwave, Upgrade, Tinker, Repair
 Sort by Function -> Comfort -> Beds
 Sort by Room -> Bedroom -> Beds
New Animations: Yes
Useable by:
Child, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder

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