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Premium Content: Customize Your Game with New Gameplay!
Premium Content allows you to customize your game in all-new ways. Discover exclusive new gameplay benefits and animations that allow your Sims to Look Better, Live Better, or Play Better. Some Premium Content items will allow your Sims to learn and cast spells and to play with magic. Others will allow your Sims to prepare and enjoy all-new culinary creations! Check back often as we will add new Premium Content to The Sims 3 Store on a regular basis!
All Premium Content
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item name item type Price newest Owned
Rim Rockin’ Basket...  Basketball Hoop 593 SimPoints    
Savvy Seller's Collection  Business 500 SimPoints    
Sharper Sim Foot M...  Massage Chair
188 SimPoints
Sharper Sim’s Supe...  Sleep Pod 272 SimPoints    
Sizzle Baby Pro De...  Pro Kitchen Appliance- Deep Fryer 542 SimPoints    
Sky High Roller Co...  Roller Coaster 1,000 SimPoints    
Solace Snugabunny ...  Baby Swing
265 SimPoints
Soothsayer's C...  Crystal Ball 290 SimPoints    
Steam-It-Up Sauna  Sauna 500 SimPoints    
Stiff as a Board, ...  Dance Equipment 415 SimPoints    
Surf’s Up Sun & Fu...  Surf Area 342 SimPoints    
SwiftGro Gardening...  Greenhouse
453 SimPoints
3 4 6 7