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Premium Content: Customize Your Game with New Gameplay!
Premium Content allows you to customize your game in all-new ways. Discover exclusive new gameplay benefits and animations that allow your Sims to Look Better, Live Better, or Play Better. Some Premium Content items will allow your Sims to learn and cast spells and to play with magic. Others will allow your Sims to prepare and enjoy all-new culinary creations! Check back often as we will add new Premium Content to The Sims 3 Store on a regular basis!
All Premium Content
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item name item type Price newest Owned
Green Dragon  Baby Dragon 500 SimPoints    
Head Start Playpen  Playpen 648 SimPoints    
Hit 'em Harder...  Blackjack Table 605 SimPoints    
Hot Air Balloon  Hot Air Balloon 500 SimPoints    
Humble Harvest Stands  Stand
422 SimPoints
Infinite Zen Massa...  Massage Table 468 SimPoints    
It's Not Gross...  Shower 266 SimPoints    
It's Business Time...  Oven 879 SimPoints    
Keep Me Clean Outd...  Shower 372 SimPoints    
Lady Ravendancer G...  Spellbook 395 SimPoints    
Laganaphyllis Simn...  Cow Plant 706 SimPoints    
Large as Life Movi...  Movie Screen 239 SimPoints    
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