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Premium Content: Customize Your Game with New Gameplay!
Premium Content allows you to customize your game in all-new ways. Discover exclusive new gameplay benefits and animations that allow your Sims to Look Better, Live Better, or Play Better. Some Premium Content items will allow your Sims to learn and cast spells and to play with magic. Others will allow your Sims to prepare and enjoy all-new culinary creations! Check back often as we will add new Premium Content to The Sims 3 Store on a regular basis!
All Premium Content
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item name item type Price newest Owned
Classic Gumball Machine  Gumball Machine 273 SimPoints    
Classically Cool F...  Car 500 SimPoints    
Dead Man's Han...  Poker Table 515 SimPoints    
Dirty No More Chan...  Changing and Bathing Station 599 SimPoints    
Door of Life And Death  Door 462 SimPoints    
Fit as a Fiddle Violin  Violin 823 SimPoints    
Fowl and Feathers ...  Chicken Coop 456 SimPoints    
Frost-Bite Pro Ice...  Ice Cream Machine 309 SimPoints    
Gift of Speech Bab...  Baby Monitor 495 SimPoints    
Gondola of the Sin...  Boat 500 SimPoints    
Grandma's Canning Station  Canning Station 500 SimPoints    
Grandpa's Grove Tractor  Tractor 733 SimPoints    
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