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Tough As Nails Teen

When you say you don’t take nonsense from anyone, you mean it.

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Sometimes it requires a lot more that gumption, sometimes it take style and a dollop of will.

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Foster The Strife Shirt Outfit

Feeling dark and lonely? A little on edge? Need to ward off the brighter side of life? Nothing says STRIFE like a brand new off the shoulder skull shirt!

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Taintless Window by BahHaus

Just because the name of the window is Taintless, does not mean the owners have to live that lifestyle. You can be dirty and still own this window. Go on, we won’t judge you.

Storybook Bathroom Set

Transform your bathroom into an enchanted washroom with these lovely items that look like they’ve been pulled directly from a storybook, and let your Sims go to the bathroom happily ever...