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Glitter and Glam + Diva and Divo

Surround your fabulous self with gorgeous surroundings. Glammed-up fashions and furniture like these will ensure your status as a true Diva. View Item>

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Getaway Dining Chair

Need chairs to go with your Getaway Dining Table? Look no further. This woven wonder is so comfortable, your guests may end up sleeping in it.

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Vineyard Vittles Shelf

Bring home your vittles and display them proudly on this hand crafted shelf.

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Storybook Bathroom Set

Transform your bathroom into an enchanted washroom with these lovely items that look like they’ve been pulled directly from a storybook, and let your Sims go to the bathroom happily ever...

Morocco Mystique

No need to book a trip to claim these beautiful treasures from a far away land. Intricate wood carvings and tile work from this collection will turn any home into an oasis!