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Diva Suit

All the top fashion gurus used their talent to make the ultimate suit… for Divas!

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Man Cave Compilation

Is your Sim manly enough to set foot in the Man Cave? Use this bold new compilation to create a getaway for your Sims to shoot some hoops, play some video games, or spin pint-sized wooden...

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Playground Toy Chest

Large enough to hold all of your child’s toys, and there are so many! Safety hinges and finger space under the lid make sure tiny fingers don’t get smashed.

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Country Livin'

Enjoy the pleasures of a simpler time with the Country Livin' set! Show off your Sims' country sensibilities and DIY spirit with the included furniture and clothing! Marvel at the...

Doorway to Adventures

Grab your hat and get ready for a lifetime full of adventures and excitement. The Doorway to Adventures is a gateway from one side to the other. You'll be fascinated on how fast it can...