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Peter's Safari Mobile

Join in on the adventures with Peter's Safari Mobile. These six animals are just a small sample of his epic expedition through the safari. Babies and toddlers will enjoy this perfect toy hanging above their crib whil...

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Street Couture - Kids and Teens

Add some global avant garde high fashion to your Sims life with this Harajuku inspired street wear.

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Luxe Lounge Spa

Lounge away your cares with a luxury set built to sweep you right off your feet! Escape to a better place with objects that bring the spa home to you.

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8-Bits of Screaming Awesomeness

Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Look no further because you're already playing the Sims 3! But your Sims can have just as much fun with the new Level Up Collection! ...

Gamma Green Thumb Plant

Do you have the green glow emitting from your thumb? No? Well with this special plant you won't need to work about that, it's self-sustaining with Gamma power!