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Full Regal Living Set

Bring out your inner Highness with the masterful craftsmanship of the Berges Bros. Rule the world (or just decorate your house) with the pomp and majesty of Kings and Queens! View Item>

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The Haute Tall Dresser

This magnificent dresser features four attractive and spacious drawers that will look stunning in any bedroom.

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Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels

A blast from the mid century past! Take your kitchen back to a time when things were simple and a tad more stylish!

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Hand Stenciled Dining Table

Enjoy the pleasures of a simpler time with the Country Livin' set! Show off your Sims' country sensibilities and DIY spirit with the included furniture and clothing! Marvel at the...

Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom and Bathroom Collection

The artistic influences of Angkor will wash over your Sims like the Bou Sra Waterfall, and wake up their appreciation for the rich culture and traditions of the ancient Khmer Empire. With...