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Demeter's End Table

An end table taken from the very temple of Demeter. She's a good sport though; it probably has barely any curses on it.

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Haute Hacienda Kitchen Set

The hand-crafted art style and old town charm of the Haute Hacienda Kitchen will surely add some spice to your Sims' lives.

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Cushy Cushion Sofa

Who would’ve thought? Three times the cushiness equals three times the fun. House parties will never be the same when everyone races to grab a seat. Playing musical chairs is not...

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Through the Spy Glass

Every Sim lives for the day they discover a secret hideaway! Help your Sims live their dreams with this collection!

Gothic Glamour Living Room- Aichmophobia Despair Loveseat

Embrace your fears with a haute goth collection of edgy and sophisticated pieces, so darkly sleek its scary! Our Gothic Glamour Living Room Set is certain to bring some drama to your Sims...