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Dimensional Dress

One could go to a museum to view it, but why not wear it? This is a modern halter dress for the bold.

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Once Upon a Time Cottage- Quaint Kitchen Island Counter

Need a new, charming look for your kitchen? If so, use this beautiful set to turn it into something you would find described in fairy tale storybook.

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Gothic Glamour Living Room- Aichmophobia Despair Loveseat

Embrace your fears with a haute goth collection of edgy and sophisticated pieces, so darkly sleek its scary! Our Gothic Glamour Living Room Set is certain to bring some drama to your Sims...

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Futureshock Bedroom

Sharper Sims’ Super Sleeper, guaranteed to have your Sim sleeping in style and refreshed in around 4 hours! As an added bonus you can also bring home the latest in futuristic décor with the...

Feathered Table Sculpture

This rare feathered headdress was captured from a wild Las Simlish show girl. This rare creature is found roaming the deserts around Las Simlish and is rarely seen by Sims. They are shy, if...