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Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Charming Culture Counter

Fall back to an era of elegance and show a little more of your majestic side with this charming Edwardian Expression kitchen collection.

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Everyday - Hot Summer Days

If only everyday were Summer and Summer were everyday. Get the hippest new fashions of the season with these everyday hot Summer looks.

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Doric Column Gate

Nothing will get in the way of your big day! Celebrate the happiest day of your life with the Live, Laugh, Love set. Even if you can't get married on the beaches of the Mediterranean...

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Island Villa

Bring the essence of white sands, warm waters and sea-kissed breezes to your Sims' homes.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels

A blast from the mid century past! Take your kitchen back to a time when things were simple and a tad more stylish!