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The Bee's Knees

A do that stays put all day and night is the bee's knees!

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Gothic Glamour Living Room- Botanophobic's Nemesis Sculpture

Embrace your fears with a haute goth collection of edgy and sophisticated pieces, so darkly sleek its scary! Our Gothic Glamour Living Room Set is certain to bring some drama to your Sims...

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Sweet Serenity Lily Pad Mini Pond

Bring the calming waters of a pond indoors with this cute lily pad accented body of water.

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Haute Hacienda Dining Room- Desert Cactus Sculpture

Start some new family traditions as loved ones gather in the cozy and comfortable, and still oh so artful, Haute Hacienda Dining Room.

Steampunk Kitchen- Geared Clock-work Counter

Like the gears of a magnificent machine, the polished metal and gilded gumption of the Steampunk kitchen interlock flawlessly to make your meal preparation feel like an adventure that's...