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Once Upon a Time Cottage- Woodsman's Chair

Need a new, charming look for your kitchen? If so, use this beautiful set to turn it into something you would find described in fairy tale storybook.

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Sweet Escape Nursery

Escape from the banal existance of mortalhood with this fantasy nursery. Just because your Sim has to grow up someday doesn't mean they have to grow up today.

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It’s Game Time!

No frills or doilies - this set is after the sports enthusiast's heart. Create your own sports cave or turn your entire home into a mini stadium!

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Glitter and Glam + Diva and Divo

Surround your fabulous self with gorgeous surroundings. Glammed-up fashions and furniture like these will ensure your status as a true Diva.

Moelleux Sofa with Carved Apron

Take a load off after your walk through the cobblestone streets. While it seats more than one, you might want to steal the whole sofa for yourself.