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Palm in Vase

Nothing captures that breezy tropical feeling like a a few palm fronds in a vase. Ok, a palm tree, maybe.

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Business as Usual Bistro

Is your Sims dining experience a bit ordinary? Is it so humdrum that it feels like they just disappear entirely when they go out to eat? In that case it’s time to spice things up by heading...

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Divine Divan

Furniture scholars agree -- the divan is the peak creation of the Romantic era. And we think that once you sit in ours, you'll agree too!

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Haute Hacienda Dining Room Set

Start some new family traditions as loved ones gather in the cozy and comfortable, and still oh so artful, Haute Hacienda Dining Room.

Sweet Serenity Lily Pad Mini Pond

Bring the calming waters of a pond indoors with this cute lily pad accented body of water.