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Loitering Luggage

Want to appear worldy without, well, all that pesky traveling? No problem! Purchase a set of Loitering Luggage, throw it into the corner of your living room, and mark a few countries as "visited" on your favo...

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Le Cirque Esprit

A myriad of the strange and intriguing, the Le Cirque Esprit brings a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity. Step back in time with lovely textiles and exquisitely detailed furniture. This...

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Plant Pocket

Show off your groovy style, baby! Decorate your house and yourself with the items in this set, and all your friends will know that you're on the cutting edge of fashion. Or, at least,...

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The Now & Then Century Manor

Take a stroll through history with the stunning architecture of The Now & Then Century Manor. This breathtaking mansion shows the grandeur of Second Empire design in all of its colonial...

Man Cave Compilation

Is your Sim manly enough to set foot in the Man Cave? Use this bold new compilation to create a getaway for your Sims to shoot some hoops, play some video games, or spin pint-sized wooden...