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Bayside Kitchen Set

Reinvent your kitchen with this set of appliances, counters, cabinets, and more that feature sturdy wood construction with a dash of modern curves. View Item>

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City Never Sleeps

Don’t let this stunning work keep you up at night…we know it’s amazing but seriously, Sims need their beauty rest.

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Sneer at the rest of the design world and build cutting edge structures that embody, light, strength, and flexibility. BahHaus, so cutting edge it hurts. Make sure to have band aids on...

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Classic Gumball Machine

Sure to cure any sweet tooth for the young and old, this refillable Gumball Machine will give your Sim a sugar rush with each tasty chewable treat. Warning: Over consumption can result in...

Pump-less Waterwork Sink

Just because you’re out in the country doesn’t mean you have to rough it and not have running water!