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Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Create a nursery for the ages! Dress your little one in brand new outfits and decorate your nursery with furniture made for the discerning baby. The included Gift of Speech Baby Monitor will allow your baby to communicat... View Item>

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I Love Me Mirror

Rehearse the multiple angles everyone look upon when they see you. Which is your best side? Why, all of them, naturally!

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Happily Ever After- Pauper Hides a Prince Outfit

Begin your story of rags to riches with this enchanting new set reimagined from classic fairy tales.

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Glitter and Glam Bedroom

Your Sims deserve only the finest, but try and be gracious about it. No need to need scold if your water doesn’t have bubbles.

Athena's Olive Tree

Placate the Goddess of Wisdom by housing your very own olive tree. Show your true colors and house an Olive Tree today!