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Kitchen Cage Hutch

Kitchen utensils keep escaping? Need a cage for your ceramics? We at Kit 'n Kaboodle have got the definite solution for you. No need to worry about little spoons wandering off with our maximum security kitchen hutch....

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Grandpa's Grove

Every Sim should be able to experience the joy of spending some time at Grandpa's Grove. With tractor hayrides, orange trees, crop farming, and new fall clothing, it is a playland for...

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Taintless Window by BahHaus

Just because the name of the window is Taintless, does not mean the owners have to live that lifestyle. You can be dirty and still own this window. Go on, we won’t judge you.

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More Magic!

A little bit of magic is good, but everybody knows: MORE MAGIC IS EVEN BETTER! Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron, the Malleable Mimic Voodoo Doll and the Soothsayer's Crystal Ball will awe and...

Flower Child

Bangs accentuated with a flower headband - you're good to go for that song circle, or open-air concert!