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Gothic Glamour Living Room- Aichmophobia Despair Sofa

Embrace your fears with a haute goth collection of edgy and sophisticated pieces, so darkly sleek its scary! Our Gothic Glamour Living Room Set is certain to bring some drama to your Sims living room. Really, there's...

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Le Cirque Nouveau- Flock of Evils Hairstyle

Dare to be bewitched and beguiled by the captivating world of Le Cirque Nouveau! From Ringmasters to Jesters, this set of new clothing mixes classical and the unique. This set only gets...

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Corset Dress

A knee-length dress with laces up the back.

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Rebel Just Because

Whether for cruising around town in a sweet ride or for rock and rolling into the night, Rebel Just Because Fashions has created the perfect hairstyles and clothes.

Relaxed Sweater

Put together doesn’t have to mean tucked in.