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Relaxed Sweater

Put together doesn’t have to mean tucked in.

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Island Villa

Bring the essence of white sands, warm waters and sea-kissed breezes to your Sims' homes.

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The Not So Routine Machine

Is your same old morning routine getting you down? Are you tired of getting to work hungry, smelly and grouchy? Do you hate being late everywhere you go? Well... get ready to shake up your...

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Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Cantina Dishwasher

The hand-crafted art style and old town charm of the Haute Hacienda Kitchen will surely add some spice to your Sims' lives.

Larger than Life Party Table

The Larger than Life Party Table is lively and charming, yet underneath its stain-resistant covering is a pine and concrete composite tested to hold up to twenty tons of fun.