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Africa Inspired: City Side Braids

The vibrant colors, traditional textiles and must have hairstyles of our Africa Inspiration collection will certainly inspire a life of adventure for your Sims!

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Le Cirque Esprit- Little Jester's Gym Slide

A myriad of the strange and intriguing, the Le Cirque Esprit brings a whirlwind of inspiration and creativity. Step back in time with lovely textiles and exquisitely detailed furniture. This...

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Sun, Surf and Sand Dresser

Made from solid bamboo with wicker facing, this dresser is a great place to store your swimwear, towels and sunscreen. Parkas and sweaters not allowed.

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The Sims Classic- Forever Redwood Potted Tree

Take a trip back in time, and cozy up once again to the rustic and rugged charm of a Sims fan favorite style: Welcome Back to Three Lakes!


Sneer at the rest of the design world and build cutting edge structures that embody, light, strength, and flexibility. BahHaus, so cutting edge it hurts. Make sure to have band aids on...